This is our history

Once upon a time Orange Bank...

Launched by the Orange group in 2017, Orange Bank inherits the characteristics of its parent company: simplicity, optimism, audacity, and transparency. These are values that, since its inception, it intends to uphold in a rapidly changing banking market.

Its first slogan, "the bank now," already revealed its intention to be a different bank, a modern and innovative bank, serving its customers. A bank that wants to reinvent the relationship between people and their banker by placing trust and transparency at its core.

Today, Orange Bank continues to evolve to become a trusted actor that provides everyone with the keys to a responsible digital world. This means continuing to reinvent banking to offer only the best to its customers, but also expanding towards new customers, such as professionals, or venturing internationally.

This is Orange Bank's ambition today: to offer a unique banking experience, even simpler and more mobile. This is the essence of its new slogan, "so simple, so mobile."

2 Million customers
100 000 5-star app ratings
2 countries France and Spain
800 employees

Orange Bank is launched in France with its first 100% mobile bank accounts! 


Innovation is key ; Orange Bank launched a brand new chat bot, accessible 24/7, customers needs are now taken in charge by Djingo. 
This is the 1 year anniversary for Orange Bank and we reached the 200 000 customers!


The bank launch its first activity in Spain while reinforcing its Premium offer un France. 
Innovation is still going on with several new features like peer to peer (SMS payment) or Google Pay mobile payment. 
The Orange Bank success is regonised by the agency D-rating which grant us with the "best 2019 digital proposal".


Innovation drives us and new product and services are incoming with the Premium Pack!
This is the first bank account to share with your household members within an app designed for your needs, child and parents. 
The partnership with Mastercard offer a new "digital first" payment experience enabling us to enhance our app.



Orange Bank acquired Anytime, a fintech company designed for the pros. 


The bank upgrade its subscription workflow thanks to the last facial recognition technologies and offers a account opening in less than 5 minutes, 100% operational right after subscription. 
Our chat bot received a new prize and reached the third place for conversational banks maturity.


Orange Bank its now 2 Million customers and a top ten french bank accordind to Forbes World’s Best Banks 2023 ranking.

Our achievements

Great app stores ratings

4,6/4,5 stars on the French stores 
4,8/4,9 stars for Spanish stores

Silver level with Greenspector

For our app and its digital carbon footprint

4,4 rating on Truspilot

With more than 13 000 ratings

Top 10 french banks

according to World Best Bank ranking by Forbes

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